“I live in Houston, and on a couple of excursions with a high school friend who now lives in Reno, I’ve visited you guys – the first time I believe being the year you opened the winery. I was impressed with the variety and quality of your wines. So a couple of weekends ago I was getting ready to go on a special date to a BYO restaurant here in Houston. Going through my (cardboard) cellar I found a bottle of your Primitivo. Being a professed non-fan of Zinfandel – I hate the sweetness and jamminess – I was puzzled as to why I had it. But I recognized your name, so I took it along. Wow, was I surprised. No jamminess, dry without too much tannin, full bodied, with pronounced but polite fruit – really an enjoyable wine to drink with dinner, but also a treat in its own right. Looking forward to visiting you all again the next time I get to the Sierra foothills. Best wishes for continued success…”

– Steve Parker
Houston, TX

“Enjoyed visited your tasting room this Saturday (1-3-15). Excellent wine served with gracious hospitality. We left with bottles of Semillon and Barbera. Thanks for having us!”

– Ben Calvin